2014 Low-Key Hillclimbs


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Sticker design

We're thinking about doing a Low-Key bike sticker. Low-key has always used stickers for recording rider numbers. That wouldn't change. This would be different: something to put on your downtube, seat tube, top tube, or fork blade to let people know you're a fan of Low-Key hillclimbs and MegaMonster Enduro.

A preview of the sticker layout is as follows. Note the background with text is part of the template. The sticker itself has a transparent background. Each cut sticker would contain 6 Low-Key stickers of 4 different designs which could be cut with a scissors or paper cutter. The preview is 300 pixels per inch: 2.13 inches wide and 2.75 inches high.


The sticker design is shown below against a variety of background colors. The sticker itself is green, black, white, and yellow, with a transparent background.


Or maybe we can go with a round sticker...

Wharever design we go with, we'll be giving them out free to Low-Keyers at the climbs.

Dan Connelly